Safety Notice

Safety Warning Notice

Fishing is considered to be the most dangerous profession in the United Kingdom.

If you choose to board a fishing boat to take part in angling or other activities, then you must accept that you are subjecting yourself to various kinds of risks.

When you first board Out the Blue you will be requested to read the SAFETY NOTICE and having decided to proceed, you are accepting liability for any risks that you may take.

Safety Notice

The Skipper of Out the Blue will take the best level of care with you whilst on board.
The Skipper is fully qualified and the boat is equipped with all the latest safety and survival aids. If anything is unclear, please ask the Skipper.

The following is a list of areas where you may have to take special care and responsibility for your safety.

1. Embarking and disembarking the boat at the quayside or pontoon. Never attempt to board or step off the boat until she is secured by ropes and until the Skipper gives you permission to do so.
2. Please keep hands and gear inboard when leaving and approaching dock.
3. Please take care at all times when moving around the boat. Remain seated when the boat is underway, if you must move, please use handrail for safety.
4. Please be extra careful when using knives and don’t walk around the boat with an open blade.
5. Take care with fishing hooks. Lead weights can also present a danger to others, especially when swinging around when landing fish on board. These weights can cause serious injuries, so be aware of those around you.
6. Handle fish carefully as some species have spines, sharp teeth or abrasive skin, if in doubt ask the Skipper.
7. Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions on that day as hypothermia in the cold or heat stroke in the sun can affect any person on board. Bring sun cream on sunny days.

The Skipper/owner of Out the Blue does not accept responsibility for anyone who chooses not to comply with the safety guidelines.